Sell my House

Are you considering listing your property?

Let’s connect and discuss your options. My services go beyond attracting potential buyers and showing your property. I will provide advice on pricing, taxes, and preparing the necessary for the deeds. While you will also need the assistance of a lawyer and an accountant, I can help you get started.

Pricing your property can be a challenge in this market, as there is no MLS or record of sales. However, I will perform an analysis to help you find the best price for your property, explaining why we should not price too high or too low.

decoration with access to the rooftop. Penthouse for sale in Mexico.
Bruno, Licensed Real Estate Agent in Tulum

We will create a selling strategy tailored to your expectations. To start, we can arrange a personal meeting (or video call if you are not in Tulum).

Once we have everything set, I will promote your property through various channels such as social media, Real Estate Professional groups, my website, and other Marketplaces. When we start receiving offers, I will handle the negotiations on your behalf.

Rest assured, I will be with you every step of the way until the day of signing the sale.